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Seal-Tite produces “Rhynotite”, the best sealcoat product available. Our asphalt sealcoating creates a protective layer for your asphalt, designed to repel any petrochemicals like oil, gas or salt. Our product is available in Qtys of 5gal buckets, totes 275gal, or any size tanks. For bulk prices, email details or contact us. Safe for do-it-yourselfers. Quality valued by contractors and customer base. Shipping and Delivery Available

Environmentally friendly asphalt sealcoating, available for you!

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2340 Mulberry Wire Road, Mulberry, Arkansas on July 1st.

On Interstate 40, take Exit 20 (Dyer Exit), turn south onto County Hwy-63/Georgia Ridge Drive, then left on Mulberry Wire Road, go approximately 1.39 miles, and our new location will be on your left.

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Best Available Solution

Maintenance of asphalt is a demanding process. Unless it’s done properly, you run the risk of long term damage due to poor quality asphalt sealer. Without a proper asphalt sealer, chemicals common to highways, like oil or gasoline, will react with the asphalt, causing irreparable damage to the asphalt. Sealtite “Rhynotite” Sealcoat of Arklahoma is a vendor of the best available solution for any asphalt resurfacing and road repair projects.

Sealtite’s “Rhynotite” Sealcoat is the best available asphalt sealcoat product in Arkansas, Texas, and Oklahoma. Our asphalt sealcoating creates a protective layer for your asphalt, designed to repel any petrochemicals like oil, gas or salt. Using Sealtite’s “Rhynotite” Sealcoat as your asphalt sealer will extend the lifespan of your asphalt by reducing the typical wear and tear you would otherwise see with an unprotected asphalt. Avoid spending thousands of dollars on asphalt resurfacing or asphalt repair! “Protect Your Investment” for years!

Sealtite Green asphalt maintenance is also one of the region’s largest vendors of Marshalltown Tools for the pavement maintenance contractors. For any of your construction needs, we will have the tools available to complete your project.

Environmentally Friendly Product

Without sacrificing quality of the product, Sealtite’s “Rhynotite” Sealcoat is an environmentally friendly product. Where other asphalt sealcoating supplies are dangerous, we have developed and committed to a product that doesn’t have a long-term, negative effect on our environment. We believe in selling a product that works effectively, is built to last, and has minimal impact on the environment. For high level asphalt maintenances that won’t negatively affect the environment, Sealtite’s “Rhynotite” Sealcoat is the best available product.

A reliable asphalt sealcoating is the best way to extend the lifetime of your pavement and avoid asphalt resurfacing for years. For more information, browse our several product pages, or reach out to us with any of your questions. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have about any of our products.

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