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About Seal-Tite of Arklahoma

Founded to Provide the Best Quality Products Available for Asphalt Maintenance for contractors to Do it Yourselfers

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Martha Moore, Owner

When it comes to a dependable sealcoating company in the region, count on Sealtite: Green Asphalt Maintenance to provide the best sealcoating product available. Clientele are able to order our asphalt sealcoating materials online in quantities large or small. As well as receive bulk transport deliveries or pick up at our facility. Our brand is unique to the region; there aren’t too many sealcoating supplies and products on the market for those seeking to perform sealcoating for parking lots. Sealtite is your number one sealcoating company for all your asphalt seal coat needs.




While Sealtite has only been a sealcoating manufacturing/supply company since 2012, our experience in parking lot and asphalt sealcoating is in no way limited. Founder Martha Moore has been working in the blacktop trade since 1990, where she got her start in road building at her family’s construction business.

During this time, she learned the intricacies that go into laying asphalt parking lots and roads as well as the importance of a good asphalt driveway sealer to complete the job. Needless to say, we are familiar with not only our product, but the essential asphalt sealer equipment used for constructing an asphalt parking lot. Martha learned about Asphalt Emulsified Sealers vs. coal tar sealers at a product expo in 2010. She immediately saw the potential in the product as an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional asphalt sealcoating materials.


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An opportunity presented itself to Martha, she began working as a manufacturer of Sealtite, learning all she could about the advantages it provides as an asphalt sealer. But most importantly, the advantage of a healthier workforce and environment through use of a top quality safe product.

Producing excellence in quality at a reasonable price!

Martha truly believes in the value that Sealtite brings to a construction project. So much so, that she determined the best way to grow awareness of the product was to join the sealcoating company as a regional distributor. Today, Martha manages Sealtite because she truly believes in the product. No sealcoating options are as eco-friendly as Sealtite without sacrificing the quality of protection it offers. If you’re looking for the best in parking lot sealcoating & sealcoating machines, look no further. Sealtite: Green Asphalt Maintenance has what you need.


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