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Cleaning Supplies



Made with a natural citrus oil, instantly breaks the oily bond then rinses away clean, leaves no residue, and has a natural aroma of oranges.



Removes tar and asphalt, bonds to problem then bonds 100% to water to rinse clean, works fast and saves times, and dissolves organic stains too.


Oil-Flo 141

Dissolves oil, grease, adhesive, wax, chewing gum, and many others, 100% Water soluble, and USDA Approved.


Hand Cleaner 38-A

A heavy-duty hand cleaner designed for cleaning hands of sealcoat, asphalt, tar, oil, mastic, adhesives, pitch, grease, and other tough stains. Contains ground walnut shells for gentle scrubbing; no harsh pumice. Low pleasant odor with lanolin to help keep hands soft. Cleans instantly and removes all stains from creases and fingernails; your hands will never be cleaner.

Mule Head Brand

Big Mule Wipes 

72 X-tra strength 10”x12” Wipes. Good news for hard working hands. Tough wipes for stubborn smudges. Quick and easy. No nonylphenols, phosphates, no bad solvents. Biodegradable. Smells great. Great for laundry pre-spotting. Cleans hands, tools, pipe dope, equipment, graffiti, counters, printing presses, ink, paint, adhesive, grease, grime, parts, and spots. EVERYONE loves Big Mule wipes: Farmers, printers, plumbers, machinists, oil patch crews, truckers, politicians, lawyers, off-shore crews, doctors, bankers, housewives, cowboys, carpenters, painters, electricians, welders, janitors, mechanics, tinkers, towboaters, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers!