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Crack Repair

Asphalt and concrete inevitably will be subject to wear and tear. Since thousands of cars may drive on an asphalt surface every day, even the best installed asphalt complete with sealcoating will require asphalt repair.  From concrete driveway crack repair to pothole repair, Seal-Tite of Arklahoma offers a couple of different asphalt crack sealant products to match your needs.

It is critical to repair cracks and potholes as quickly as possible. Leaving small cracks unchecked can lead to worse cracks. The longer you put off an asphalt repair, the more expensive repairs can be. Consider some of the dangers that your vehicle might experience if you don’t perform a concrete crack repair:

  • Crocodile Cracking – When a network of overlapping cracks forms on a slab of concrete, this is referred to as crocodile cracking. Catching these problems early allows you to make sufficient concrete driveway crack repair before the issue gets out of control.
  • Potholes – If cracking becomes too extensive, then you run the risk of pothole forming on the asphalt. In most cases, when potholes start forming, it might be too late to use an asphalt crack sealant, and more extensive pothole repairs will be necessary.
  • Premature Pavement Failure – The worst-case scenario is a premature pavement failure. Unfortunately, if you don’t act when the first signs of cracking emerges, an asphalt crack repair won’t do you much good. All the more reason to act quickly when asphalt repair becomes necessary!

We offer a few major asphalt crack sealant options, as well as several crack repair tools, melters and applicators, here is our list of products we use for concrete crack repair:

Asphalt Crack Sealant

Gator Patch - Designed especially for “Alligator-Cracked” asphalt. Less costly than hot mix skin. It fills and resurfaces, is ready-to-use and easy to apply.
Lastek 33 - Elastic and is ready-to-use sealer. Just pour it in, it dries fast and provides years of protection.
Lastek CP-3405 - Remains flexible below -20 Degrees F. Has superior flexibility and elongation. Maintain flexibility in cracks up to 1 – 1/4 wide. Ready-to-use on cracks in asphalt or concrete.
Pothole Patch - High performance patching of all pavements surfaces. Can be applied in all weather conditions and it last as long as original pavement.
EZ Street Asphalt – Guaranteed permanent and it works in water and all weather conditions. No mixing and no tack. Available in bulk or bags. Instantly ready for traffic. Compact with a shover or a car tire.

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